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Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

“There was constant fear that people would walk in and say, ‘This place looks like crazytown. Were you drinking while decorating?'”

—Celerie Kemble

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome


If, for a moment, I had forgotten that Celerie Kemble is one of my all-time favorite interior designers, the Playa Grande Beach Club in Dominican Republic was a clear reminder.

Kemble just knows how to turn beautiful places into magical moments of dreamlike picture-perfect design. And if the resort she opened with her husband, financier Boykin Curry, is a little wack-a-doodle—it’s also precisely what you would want to walk into on a dream a Caribbean vacation: a modern day Alice in Wonderland fantasy world of luxurious laid-backedness (yep, just invented a new term) with a healthy dose of quirky.

“I think interiors that are well-designed tell people how to behave,” Kemble says. “Here, I want them to know they’re supposed to be barefoot but they can also put on a grand hat and their emeralds and go twirl around on the beach.” Celerie, you are my spirit animal.

Images via Architectural Digest.

The Weekender: 03.27.15

The Weekender: 03.27.15 — How to introduce color into your apartment via @SavvyHome

I don’t think I’ve ever had a love affair with turquoise (I used to see it as a little tacky), but this year it’s on full throttle. Even my nails got the seafoam green treatment. Maybe it’s the tropical waters of Martinique, this incredible leafy wallpaper above, or Amy Stone’s instagram, but whatever it is, I can’t get enough. Turquoise is last year’s chambray around here and you’ll be seeing lots of it. #sorrynotsorry

Speaking of things you’ll be seeing lots more of in the coming weeks, my new apartment! I’m participating in the #oneroomchallenge kicking off next week and I couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned!


The weekender sales

The sales are seriously good this week. Can we please talk about Serena & Lily’s Private Sale?! Up to 60% off! 15 pages of products!! You know you want that cooper leather stool or that sheepskin rug (on MAJOR sale).

Lulu & Georgia is giving away 25% off you entire purchase with the code FRIENDS&FAMILY25. The shop is chock full of new accessories perfect for summer like wicker lanterns and otomi pillows. Love!

Furbish Studio is offering an additional 40% off sale items with the code SALE40!


The weekender reading

I tried a few tricks on how to trick yourself into becoming a morning person this week, and it kind of worked!

From Blogger to Designer: 5 talents share how they made the jump (yep, yours truly included).

I’ve been bored with what’s on TV lately, but I think Younger is about to change that.

Check out this promovideo for man servants, it’s hilarious. And yes, it’s a real service.

Amy’s post on the Surf Lodge is making me excited for summer to arrive!

20 questions with interior designer Jeremiah Brent.

25 bold ways to do color in your apartment.

Image via Real Living.

9 Arrivals in the Savvy Home Shop


It recently occurred to me that after the new website launched, I never really took the time to introduce the Savvy Home Shop: our favorite items from around the web (#scatterbrain). If I’m being completely honest, there was also times when I was a little lazy at updating it regularly. No more! The shop is stock-full of new items I’ve been loving these days, and these are just a few of them. Go explore the rest!

The shop is updated weekly with our latest favorite items. From colorful juju hats, to midcentury-esque brass pendants and marble accents, they’re the hottest items flying off the shelves all around the web.

One Week in Martinique

One Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHome

One Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHomeOne Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHome

One Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHome

One Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHomeOne Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHome

One Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHome

One Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHomeOne Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHome

One Week in Martinique • via @SavvyHome

Martinique is one gorgeous island. Rustic? Yes. Full of character? Absolutely. I barely saw an inch of a resort from across a bay. The vibe is more filled with authentic villages, daily lives (and very scary roads!) than luxury resorts. My family rented a villa perched on a cliff above a fisherman’s village called Anse d’Arlet, which basically constituted of a creole restaurant, a pizza joint, a bar/grocery store/funeral home(?), a pharmacy and an adorable rustic church facing directly across the pier.

My morning routine consisted of walking (sometimes running) down the hill to the village—past the fishermen selling their fresh catch of the day—to the bakery for fresh croissants, then walking back to the only oceanfront restaurant and grabbing an iced latte (I was ordering café au lait with a tall glass filled with ice cubes on the side—what a tourist). The rest of our days were filled with poolside fun, exploring the neighbouring towns and beaches, watching the kids play in the sand or the dog napping in the sun. Lots of games of crazy eight countdown and backgammon were played. Lots of rosé was consumed.

I’d say I came back completely refreshed, which is mostly true, except I scraped my knees pretty badly trying to take a picture while walking and broke my phone in the process (I blame the above-mentioned scary roads—literally super deep gutters in the middle of the sidewalk). I learned the hard way that watching your step is essential there. The island has a distinct French flavor (with a creole twist). In many ways, it could pass for a very tropical south of France. On our fourth day, we discovered Ti Sable in the neighbouring town and adopted it as our hang out spot. We were beyond happy to sit around their beach chairs and eat orders upon orders of accras (delicious fried cod balls) with rosé on the side. Isn’t that what vacationing is all about?

 Images via my Instagram.

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