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One Room Challenge: Week No. 1

One Room Challenge: Week No.1 • on @SavvyHome


What I have in mind for my little white box in the sky, is a multi-functional space that’s laid-back but tailored.

I’m envisioning a cross between a cutting-edge boutique hotel suite, and a yacht cabin (since the space is so small, and also for my love of coastal homes).


One Room Challenge: Week No.1 • on @SavvyHome
One Room Challenge: Week No.1 • on @SavvyHome


I’m so excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge!

When I moved into my new place last month, I went from 1,350 sq. ft. to just a little over 500 sq. ft. I like to call this “convenience over capacity” (convenience of a downtown location with indoor parking garage, fitness centre and rooftop deck with pool and spa). But after the movers had piled up my boxes to the window (to the wall) and to the ceiling, I knew I would have to make some pretty drastic decor upgrades to accommodate my new micro-living situation.

Above is the room in its initial state. The “before” shots on move-in day. As I was unpacking that first day, the issues surfaced: bookcases that didn’t fit, an oversized desk space, ill-fitted rugs, a dining room table as big as my entire living area (that one went straight to storage, sniff). Then, I got a call from heaven Linda of Calling it Home, inviting me to join the One Room Challenge. This was the perfect opportunity to make this living space my own (in the time it takes to say One Room Challenge)!

The One Room Challenge (#ORC for those in the know) is an online bi-annual challenge that brings together 20 talented bloggers to achieve the near-impossible: to completely transform one room in just six weeks. The six week constraint is only part of the challenge in my case… The other one is having to fit a living room, dining room AND office into a 11 x 17 space (after this, Manhattan, I’ll be ready for you)!

For those of you who have just met me through this challenge, O my god, hello how are you welcome to my aquarium errr, home! I’m an interior stylist/blogger based in Montreal. I’m thrilled to have you here. You can get to know me better in this post, or by stalking my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest.

You can also let me get to know YOU better by telling me a fun fact about you in the comments below (examples including but not limited to: John Legend or Frank Sinatra?; What would be your last meal? and; If I gave you an unlimited budget to buy a property anywhere in the world, what would it be and where?).


Let’s do this!

(tune back in next Wednesday for the masterplan)

PS: Follow along the players participating this round: Jana Bek | Autumn Clemons | Coco+Kelley | The English Room | Vanessa Francis  | Greige Design | Hi Sugarplum | I Heart Organizing | Jenna Sue Design | Stephanie Kraus | The Pursuit of Style | Julia Ryan | Simple Details | Simply Grove | 6th Street Design | Jill Sorensen | Swoon Worthy | Waiting on Martha | Kimberly Schlegel Whitman | Trademarked by Calling it Home.

PPS: Is it weird that while writing this post, I googled “to the window to the wall” and stumbled upon The Proposal’s alternate ending? #winning #attentiondeficiency

Gab Loves: 70s Redux

Gab Loves: 70s Redux • via @SavvyHome


From Dodie Thayer’s collection reinvented for Tory Burch to a summery suede ensemble, there are a million ways to re-introduce the beauty of the 70s in your life in a fresh and modern way.

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Heather Taylor Home Striped Hand Towels | J.McLaughlin Palm River Hat | Acapulco Chair | ASOS Premium Light Blue Suede T-Shirt | Coqui Coqui Coco-Coco Bath Oil | J.McLaughlin Textural Tote | Loeffler Randall Petal Slide Sandal | French Modernist Armchair | Tory Burch Ginkgo Place Mat & Lettuce Ware Salad Plate

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

“There was constant fear that people would walk in and say, ‘This place looks like crazytown. Were you drinking while decorating?'”

—Celerie Kemble

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome

Escape to Playa Grande Beach Club, Dominican Republic • via @SavvyHome


If, for a moment, I had forgotten that Celerie Kemble is one of my all-time favorite interior designers, the Playa Grande Beach Club in Dominican Republic was a clear reminder.

Kemble just knows how to turn beautiful places into magical moments of dreamlike picture-perfect design. And if the resort she opened with her husband, financier Boykin Curry, is a little wack-a-doodle—it’s also precisely what you would want to walk into on a dream a Caribbean vacation: a modern day Alice in Wonderland fantasy world of luxurious laid-backedness (yep, just invented a new term) with a healthy dose of quirky.

“I think interiors that are well-designed tell people how to behave,” Kemble says. “Here, I want them to know they’re supposed to be barefoot but they can also put on a grand hat and their emeralds and go twirl around on the beach.” Celerie, you are my spirit animal.

Images via Architectural Digest.

The Weekender: 03.27.15

The Weekender: 03.27.15 — How to introduce color into your apartment via @SavvyHome

I don’t think I’ve ever had a love affair with turquoise (I used to see it as a little tacky), but this year it’s on full throttle. Even my nails got the seafoam green treatment. Maybe it’s the tropical waters of Martinique, this incredible leafy wallpaper above, or Amy Stone’s instagram, but whatever it is, I can’t get enough. Turquoise is last year’s chambray around here and you’ll be seeing lots of it. #sorrynotsorry

Speaking of things you’ll be seeing lots more of in the coming weeks, my new apartment! I’m participating in the #oneroomchallenge kicking off next week and I couldn’t be more excited. Stay tuned!


The weekender sales

The sales are seriously good this week. Can we please talk about Serena & Lily’s Private Sale?! Up to 60% off! 15 pages of products!! You know you want that cooper leather stool or that sheepskin rug (on MAJOR sale).

Lulu & Georgia is giving away 25% off you entire purchase with the code FRIENDS&FAMILY25. The shop is chock full of new accessories perfect for summer like wicker lanterns and otomi pillows. Love!

Furbish Studio is offering an additional 40% off sale items with the code SALE40!


The weekender reading

I tried a few tricks on how to trick yourself into becoming a morning person this week, and it kind of worked!

From Blogger to Designer: 5 talents share how they made the jump (yep, yours truly included).

I’ve been bored with what’s on TV lately, but I think Younger is about to change that.

Check out this promovideo for man servants, it’s hilarious. And yes, it’s a real service.

Amy’s post on the Surf Lodge is making me excited for summer to arrive!

20 questions with interior designer Jeremiah Brent.

25 bold ways to do color in your apartment.

Image via Real Living.

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