Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Congratulations, the item is yours!

Any Ebay addict would get excited at the sound of these 5 words. I am no exception. This is by far my most exciting Ebay purchase yet - yes, it beats the $20 marble and brass table! As some of you might know, I have been on the lookout for months, hoping to find a set of bentwood chairs to suit my fancy (see for yourself here and here). Today, the wait has finally paid off.

First off, the inspiration:

Scott Weston

Scott Weston

Without further adieu - here is my brand "old" new set of black and cane bentwood chairs!!! All 7 of them - one was thrown in there as a bonus. I got them for a great price too! I haven't confirmed yet if they were  original Thonet chairs but regardless, they are good enough for me! A new slick of paint and they will be good to go!

Aren't they brilliant? I now have to wait about a month to get them here as they are in Melbourne. M's parents who are driving over to Adelaide in February will bring them over along with a few more goodies including a beautiful distressed antique armoire we will use as a pantry and a gorgeous crackled ceramic table lamp that M got me for Christmas (we didn't even attempt to take it on the plane with us).. Now begins the search for the perfect dining table to match. I love the texture of the wood table used in Scott Weston's images. Hopefully we will be lucky on that front too!

...And one more image of the famous chairs thrown in for good riddance. I love the idea of the cushions for a bit of added comfort!  


  1. I LOVE that space by Mr. Weston- one of my absolute all time favourite and congrats on the amazing score- love the chairs!

  2. A good buy like that just makes you feel so clever, doesn't it?? The chairs are super cute and I love the caning on the seat (even if you're going to cover it with a cushion!)


  3. love love love! Those pics are so great, that's exactly what I want in my kitchen area. Congrats on your purchase!

  4. Sarah: I do feel pretty clever right now :) I love the cane too! I want to get some cushions and keep them for special occasions.I always want my guests to feel comfortable especially when looong lunches and dinners are involved..

    Christine: Thank god for Ebay!!

    Kylie: yay, you'll have to come around for lunch! How your home search going by the way??


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