Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1990's Flashback: The DeLonge Family Home in Adore Magazine

It took me two readings of this month's issue of Adore Magazine before making the connection between Jennifer DeLonge, her rock star looking husband, the music memorabilia in her home and the fact that she is married to Tom DeLonge of Blink-182.

That's right ladies and gents - it's not specified anywhere in the article - but the house of Jennifer DeLonge featured in this month's Adore magazine is also home of punk-rock icon Tom DeLonge. Those who grew up in the '90s like me will be delighted (or shattered) to find out that he is now married to a gorgeous and talented children's furniture designer - with two lovely kids.

The article is darling and she sounds like such a fun and sweet, family-oriented girl. I adore her eclectic quirky style (bonus points for the Piero Fornasetti pillow in her stunning living room) and love her 5 tips to creating a beautifully styled home: flowers, items you love, affordable upholsterer/seamstress, books, affordable modern art. So true.

1- Go have a read at the article - it is such a fun read!
2- Have a look at her brilliant children furniture line.
3- And "steal her style" below:

PS - It's a MUCH happier ending than Travis Barker's disastrous wedding to Miss USA Shanna Moakler as seen on Meet the Barkers - not to mention their abominable taste in decorating - don't you think?

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