Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Worthy Links: 2.12.11

What are you all up to this weekend? I've got a busy busy hectic one full of packing and Holiday shopping, sprinkled with a couple of catch ups with girlfriends. If you're not as busy as me, here are a few links to brighten your weekend!

1. Jenny's (MFAMB) Get The Look of the Aerin Lauder Aspen lodge blew my mind! I think we can all agree that we would move into the lodge tomorrow if offered... Well now you can bring the lodge home. For cheap!

2. Dering Hall’s interview with House Beautiful introduces us to the world of decorating for dudes! I was amazed at how they made every guy’s dream come true while keeping everything stylish. Not many people would envision a keg tap in the living room would look that good! That's good news for M's future man-cave.

3.Two great rounds of tips from Nancy of Marcus Design this week. The first, on making your bathroom look a little bit more like a room and less like a showroom. The second, on how to bring your hallway alive with wallpaper, mirrors, pendants runners and all the wonderful things that make a hallway the best room of the house!

4. I nearly fainted this morning when I saw a grand Kate Spade sale on Gilt. Shop the wonderful world of Kate Spade just in time for Christmas! Don't miss out...

5. My blog discovery of the week! The Vault Files, written by another Gab (Gaby – Gabriela, same same but different): Turns out she’s also a Canadian expat living on the other side of the world and we have all these weird things in common like running, making too many lists and starting our blogs nearly on the same day last year! It’s all a bit cray cray if you ask me. But if you like my blog, you’ll love hers!

6. I’m definitely making this chalk Christmas tree on the weekend (thanks to Si of French by Design)! Well, maybe not this exact one but I'll give it my best shot and deck it out with some ornaments! I won’t be home for Christmas this year so I haven’t decorated, but M will be and I’m sure he will appreciate the little Christmas touch when he gets back from Melbourne on Sunday :)

7. The Colour Field is a great new blog on colour theory by Melinda Ashton Turner, an Interior Stylist and Magazine Editor. It's weekly, so it won't clog up your reader, and it's got great colour schemes to inspire even the best of us! I'd say subscribing is a given.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! X


  1. Oh thank you!!!
    And don't send me to a Kate Spade sale please, already made some damage a couple of weeks ago on their Friends and Family sale ;)
    I'm so in love with that Chalet...

  2. Off to read that House Beautiful interview! x

  3. Thank you so so so much for the linky love Gabrielle! You are awesome, I so appreciate it :) Giant hugs xo

  4. I love the dering hall interview! That kitchen!! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Gaby: My pleasure!! I'll try not to send you there, even though I know there are some AMAZING stuff on there ;)

    Colleen: You go girl!

    Nancy: You're very welcome! I've been LOVING your posts recently!!

    Jenna: Great isn't it? Love getting into the head of a bachelor... (or his interior designer anyway)


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