Thursday, March 31, 2011

Delightful Daily

Veranda via MFAMB

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Belle March/April

It's time for another edition of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly! This week we're looking at the new and delectable Belle magazine. Belle is like the Australian equivalent of Elle Decor - minus the website.

 This issue is so yummy I had trouble finding bads and uglys... but I did!

The Good:

1. This Hamilton Island house by architect Renato D'ettorre is nothing short of spectacular. Love the wraparound pool on the rooftop!

2. You might have seen this one before... Nate Berkus and Brian Atwood's Milan home. What can I say except I can hardly think of a more perfect interior. Tons of white, black, gold and that luxurious emerald green.

 3. Blogger Maryam Montague's Morroccan family home and guest houses - The Peacock Pavillions - is seriously dreamworthy. You have to check it out!

4. I love every single bathroom accessory featured below. Black, white, gold. Simple and elegant. 

The Bad:

Dear Mr Whitaker, May I remind you that we are in 2011. Which brings me to my question: where the bloody hell is your website? Surely this is not enough...

The Ugly:

Normally Belle Magazine features really good bedlinen. But this is just plain ugly. I can't even begin to imagine anyone who would choose this bedding combo. Individually, some of these items are not too bad... the cushions for example... Not bad... But the Massimo pillowcase and quilt set - eeeek!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Delightful Daily

Lazaro Rosa Violan via Bijou and Boheme

Around the House...

A couple of new things around the house this week. 

1. Remember this bedroom? This was our bedroom 5 months ago -  our first week in the new house. If you are a relatively new follower, I might add we didn't move in with much. And if it wasn't for M's bachelor furniture, we would've moved in with essentially, well, nothing. All my furniture has stayed back in Montreal and is now slowly being sold (thank you Craigslist!)

Anyway, this week, we finally changed rooms around. In case you don't remember, this was the room before...

I was really annoyed at the layout of the old bedroom where we would pretty much walk straight into the bed upon entering the room...

Annnd here is what the bedroom looked like today, five months later:

There is still a fair amount of work to do (put pictures in frames, add wardrobe knobs, etc) and I'm still a little far off my moodboard, but the layout of the room works so much better!

PS - this is the old clouds bedroom.

 2. Another new thing: we received our new sofabed a few weeks ago. Annnnd this weekend I found the perfect Madeline Weinrib inspired ikat pillows from Linen House - and for 1/10th the price!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Delightful Daily

Robert A.M. Stern's House via Curbed

Three DIYs that will Knock your Socks Off!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I'm not a DIY queen. Proof of this lies in the array of unfinished projects around our house: wardrobes without knobs, half painted furniture... you get the picture.

I also have a huge pet peeve for weird cheapy looking projects. For examples, see Rue's cardboard sunburst mirror or worse Real Living's plumber candelabra...

But once in a while, a DIY really knocks my socks off. Recently, there was Michelle Armas' amazing sofa transformation. In the past week, not one, but three projects got my socks running for shelter.

1- First off, Bryn's Inspiration boards. Take simple corkboards. Cover and staple them with beautiful linen. Then trim with brass nail heads. Simple, to the point and brilliant!

2- Amber's Cloud Art is the perfect solution to inexpensive art. Take a beautiful photo of the sky (or whatever really...) blow it up nice and big, smack it in an Ikea frame and TA DA!

Doesn't it look amazing? Not to mention the rest of her dining room is stunning...

Interestingly, I saw very similar photos blown up floor to ceiling (4 of them side by side) in an exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (can't remember the artist now...) and to this day it remains one of my favorite works of art!

3- Hayley's Chevron Rug is seriously something. Take a cheap (the price that is, not the quality) Ikea  flat-woven rug. Create a pattern with painter's Scotch tape. Paint in the lines, and you've got a seriously cool rug!!

Who would've thought paint would come out so well on a rug!

If I attempted this, the chevron would be all messed up and unequal and the paint would have run everywhere underneath the tape, I just know it!! But - good on her for making it look so perfectly amazing!

Side note: her pug is just the cutest thing I have seen all year! Beats any animal on Bondi Vet, anyday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Delightful Daily

 Lonny via Design Darling

Summers in France: The Arrival

We have been doing lots of booking and planning over the weekend and I can finally reveal where we will be staying upon arrival in Paris!

Hotel des Academies et des Arts. We booked through Mr and Mrs Smith who were absolutely fantastic! I received a message from them overnight answering all my queries and wishing me a happy trip!

I could try to describe you the place, but Mr and Mrs Smith does it so much better:

Situated on the same Paris street that was once home to Gauguin and Modigliani, Hôtel des Academies et des Arts is a homage to the artists who once painted this part of the town red – and continue to do so. This 20-room hotel is the epitome of Left Bank chic, but that doesn’t mean it’s endearingly shambolic – standards and service are every bit as high-end as at the city’s grand five-stars.

The interiors are to die for! Reds and pinks, velvet chesterfields and a collection of coffee table books to keep you entertained for decades!


As members of Mr and Mrs Smith (only $25annually), we receive A glass of Louis Roederer champagne each and a selection of Pierre Hermé macaroons upon arrival! Yum!

We have a choice between 4 room styles. I still haven't chosen: the Comédienne, the Parisienne and the Man Ray are all so delightful! Which one would you choose?

Comédienne room

The Comédienne room, with its huge bed head upholstered in red velvet, is a fitting tribute to the theatre world. The Comédienne is a touch bohemian, with its delightful views over the rooftops of Paris.

Man Ray room

A tribute to photography and to Man Ray: the traveler will appreciate the subtle interplay of contrasts, framing and perspectives. It has a largely masculine atmosphere, with dark coloured furniture, contrasting fabrics and walls embellished with mouldings: black and white are the dominant tones. 

Parisienne-Left Bank room

The ever-seductive Parisienne room is elegant, charming, romantic, sophisticated, left bank and refined. The light is softly filtered through fine fabrics, and the room is decorated in hues of cream and taupe. The bed is tucked away in an alcove under a canopy of purple crushed velvet. And finally, because the Parisienne adores shopping, there is a dressing room especially so that she can store her precious acquisitions from ... Paris left bank's shops.

Ruhlmann room

Spending a night in a Ruhlmann room is like traveling back in history to the twenties and the era of Art Déco. The Ruhlmann room is light, elegant and warmly welcoming, the perfect ambience. The bed boasts a bed head in embroidered grey satin, sanded glass light fittings, fully-integrated bedside tables and is pure perfection. It all exudes an air of luxury, calm and sensuousness. The perfect setting for guests’ creative side, and a welcoming cocoon for the traveller.

So, do you have a favorite?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Delightful Daily

The Connaught Hotel via Elements of Style

Friday Fix: A tan and blue bedroom

The three bedrooms below really struck a BIG chord for me. This tells me it's time to commit to a style and colour scheme for our bedroom! It makes even more sense now that we will be moving bedrooms around. I love the mix of chartreuse/tan/beige and blue and I am obsessed over the idea of an ikat pillow or a suzani throw to finish the look. View my bedroom moodboard for an inspiration sneak peek!

James Andrew via NYSD

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Delightful Daily

Designer Crush: Nate Berkus Associates

Firstly, I would like to formally apologize because this post is really nothing new in blogland.

Secondly, my excuse: I just had to share. I am shamelessly obsessed with the work of the Nate Berkus Associates (not to be confused with the show!)

It's been a while since I had a designer crush on NBA (not the basketball league) and frankly I had been pondering doing post on them (even though it's so cliché that I will probably hide in shame for the next month!) but this photo (the culprit) tipped me over the edge.

I have been literally dreaming of this photo in my sleep - that's how engraved in my head it is! Pure perfection in the Hollywood Hills.

This photo makes you want to jump into it and cozy up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a shelter mag... Proof that a sofa doesn't need to look like it's about to swallow you whole to be comfortable (refer to La-z-boys and other similar specimens).

And then there's the other photo. I would not dare share with you one more time (three's a charm, but four screams CRAZY!) - but you can still view in in posts 1, 2 and 3 (and seriously, it's worth it!!!)

Do you see that lucite side table upon which rests the most perfectly balanced piece of semi-precious stone? Sheer brilliance.

Annnd another proof against the swallowing marshmallow look vs. comfort ratio of a sofa.


Proof number three...

Could you possibly ask for anything more in a workspace? Certainly beats mine my a mile! Annnd I'm pretty sure this wonderland looks out onto the beautiful Malibu beaches...

Sagaponack: just the name makes you want to kill to be there! And the soaktub? Ultimate bliss after a hard day at the beach in the Hamptons.
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