Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Delightful Daily

 Jean Allsopp via Desire to Inspire

House Crush

Have you guys seen Amanda Nisbet's apartment in New York Social Diary yet? No? What are you waiting for?

Have a read at the interview too - she seems so lovely! And she is from Montreal just like me, which makes her even cooler!

Did you know she has no formal interior design education? To be brutally honest, I think it shows, but in a good way. Her sense of proportion or her knowledge of styles and periods doesn't seem as refined as other designers, but her home also feels very genuine and personal, which I like.

My favorite room is the bedroom. So light and feminine. A real retreat!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Delightful Weekly: Outdoors Edition

This week's delightful weekly brings us on a lakeside somewhere. If I had to guess where, I would say Upstate New York. But don't quote me on it. Thom Filicia designed this delightful lake house perfect to spend long summer days. 

Visit Kelly Green to see the rest of the house, it's just as delightful on the inside!

Delightful Daily

 Nuevo Estilo via Made By Girl

Traveling Toes

Not quite in Provence but not far, is a beautiful little town called Uzès, with its châteauesque sights, its Mediterranean feel, and its French Provincial appeal.

We will be stopping there for one night on our drive from Barcelona to Nice. The beautiful stone property called Les Sardines Aux Yeux Bleus is part of Mr and Mrs Smith's budget boutique line. Isn't it lovely?

As for the perks of booking through Mr and Mrs Smith? We receive a complimentary bottle of wine, an aperitif and a box of local, seasonal goodies upon arrival. Pretty sweet deal huh?

The blue room below will be ours for the night.


And who wouldn't want to stock up on some Vitamin D by this poolside?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Delightful Daily

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Rue has definitely stepped it up a notch this month with this issue probably being my favorite yet. So let's get started!


1. I know this is supposed to be a PR firm but let's be honest here: who wouldn't want this as their walk in closet?

2. Just because it's pretty.

3. I saw these exact bookends in an antique shop in a town called Strathalbyn in the Adelaide Hills. I almost bought them, but then I opted for a pair of amethyst ones instead. I might have to go back to that shop and buy them, just in case it starts raining books around here...

That being said, I really love this house. Love the leather and dark wood. Plus, she's got a killer collection of pendant lamps! 

4. Rue graced us with the presence of a couple of really scrumptious bedrooms this month...

5. And they definitely saved the best for last. This house blows it out of the park! I never thought I'd be a fan of mustard walls but I love it all and I wish I could move in tomorrow.

I almost enjoyed the DIYs in this issue because they're well photographed and cute. But I don't really want Rue to turn into Martha Stewart Magazine.

Who has enough free time to pot a succulent for every single guest before a dinner party? Certainly not me.

I'd also be curious to know how many people would drag their perfectly good and probably very heavy buffet outside for a dinner party. Haven't they ever heard of "a chance of rain"?

There has been so much hype around the Novogratz lately, that I was really disappointed when I saw this. The sectional looks like it was bought at K-Mart along with the rug and the saying on the wall is just blah... This place screams "I'm trying way too hard to be edgy!"

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