Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Top Tips to Achieving the Nostalgic Nest

Last week, I posted about the ISCD event I attended in Adelaide. During the event, we took a quiz to find out what current trend or style we best identified with. I got Nostalgic Nest. At first, I had horrible visions of stuffy old homes with old photo frames, dusty fake plants and war memorabilia and thought: that's not me! But then, I gave it some thought, read the description below and came to a conclusion.

Nostalgic Nest 
Like a bower bird, you collect bits and pieces. You are earthy, sentimental, individual, and your home is rich with detail. You treat your home as a gallery, filled with happy memories, photo albums, unique souvenirs from travels and your own made treasures. Displaying your true self on the walls, your collection tells a story. You are not concerned with what your neighbours homes are like, you are true to your own style.

It’s true that I don’t associate with any particular style. I do love gallery walls, art and books. I believe the best homes are created with a mishmash of meaningful art and objects that the owners completely adore. Who said that no matter what you put in your home, as long as you completely adore it, it will look beautiful? Ah yes, my latest mantra: "with creative vision, the most incidental item can be the making of beauty in the home".

I'm not so mindful of matching sets or keeping in line with a certain period in history. That's not how I got taught to decorate. My grandmother had mid-century modern furniture placed next to French antiques, and art of different styles and periods. A collection ages better than a set!

With this in mind, I came up with my 5 top tips for creating the perfect Nostalgic Nest.

1. Treat your home as a gallery. The description of the nostalgic nest says it. Your house should be like a museum curated by you. Only buy and display items your truly love. Don't worry too much about it all fitting together, it should all come together naturally.

2. Display your family photos in an innovative way. Gone are the days of dusty photo frames stacked on the mantelpiece. Find new ways to display family photos, like blowing up a family shot, and then mount it under acrylic, like Lulu DeKwiatkowski did in with that beautiful shot of her son and husband taken underwater.

3. Treat your bathroom as any other room. Bathrooms tend to be so stale. Personalize your bathroom by adding artwork, rugs, antiques or anything else that works for you, and that blends the bathroom to the rest of the house. Because of the humidity factor, often second-hand items found at the local antique shop will do perfectly.

4. Consider the mood you want and the lifestyle that will take place in the room. Do you prefer lighter happier spaces or do you want a dark moody library to retreat to on rainy days? Treating your room as a gallery does not mean you want to be watching TV in the Louvres. Comfort and usability is key to good design. Natural light and proportion are essential to getting your room right.

5. If, like me a year ago, you're starting with a blank canvas, neutrals are your best friend. Walls and key furniture pieces in a neutral color will allow you to add virtually any piece of art or accessory later on, without having to worry about it clashing with your eccentric wall color or your feature sofa.

There you go people.

What do you think about the notion of a Nostalgic Nest? Is it a style you'd say you have followed in your own home? 

Photos via 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Delightful Daily: Rusts & Creams

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Delightful Daily: The World's Best Coffee Table

House Crush: A Winter Palace

After Aerin Lauder's ski chalet in Vogue comes another contemporary lodge in Aspen, thanks to Architectural Digest. Given that I'm so incredibly excited to be going home to the snow for Christmas and getting back on my snowboard, I thought this house was quite fitting for this weeks house crush.

This living rooms is nothing short of heavenly. You can almost feel the warm rays of sunshine bursting through the huge windows...

Another living room. This one would be perfect to sit by the fire after a long day of skiing, sip on some hot cocoa or red wine, play board games...

The dining rooms looks a bit too much like a conference room for my taste but somehow that Serge Mouille pendant makes it all better...

 Master bedroom, I spy another Serge Mouille camouflaged in the curtains. I bet that view is nothing short of spectacular either. 

How fun is this children's bunk bedroom? I think I'd just sleep on the floor or what looks like the world's softest rug.

Guest bedroom. A little matchy-matchy red for me but I'll  still happily take it thank you very much. 

Finally, a ski chalet is never complete without a outdoor spa to relax in after a long day of sports or even better, how about a year-round heated pool!


 I'm sold. How about you? What's your idea of a perfect vacation? X

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Worthy Links: 25.11.11 (and a few thanks)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!
I didn't celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving this year so it's only fair that I partially join in on the American one, and reflect on the wonderful things in my life I should be thankful for...

1. For my mom who is incredibly supportive in every aspect of my life.

2. For M who does incredible amounts of work around the house and is always there to lend a helping hand.

3. For my friends and family. From Montreal to Adelaide, I'm truly blessed with an incredible entourage.

4. For all of you, for always making sure I wake up on the right foot with your thoughtful comments and emails (yes, they're the first thing I read in the morning) and making me want to blog every day.

5. For deciding it was a great idea to get into a little debt to visit my friends and family back home for Christmas. I couldn't be happier to go back for a visit.

6. For snow, and whoever invented snowboarding. I am beyond excited to be getting back on my board over the Holidays!

7. For my health and for that of everyone that is dear to me. As a side note, I should mention that my friend MJ (who I spoke about here about 9 months ago) is now 100% healthy. I couldn't be happier for her!

8. For all the creative people out there. Life would be very boring without you.

Speaking of creatives, here are a few of this week's creative highlights.

1. Coco Republic launches a blog, and Oly San Francisco is set to open its first Australian showroom in Melbourne in January. Now that's what I call a great week for design in Australia!

2. Christiane Lemieux's Loft via The Glow stopped me in my tracks yesterday morning on Instagram. Can I move in? Please?

3. Lucy Chadwick: A Selby film for Zara is a collaboration between two of my favorite things: Zara and The Selby. I'm not too sure what brought them together to collaborate on a film on Lucy Chadwick, an artist and gallery owner in NYC, but I won't complain. Here's to the first Zara opening in Adelaide yesterday!

4. A secret too good not to share. Jess of Makeunder My Life provides her preferred list of collaborators for logo design, blog design and photography.

5. A movie on Charles and Ray Eames narrated by James Franco? Yes please, and when is it coming out? Watch the trailer here.

6. I loved this post on the Clingnancourt Flea Markets in Paris by Luster. We ran out of time to go when I was there, but I'm glad I've got this little handy guide to take me through next time.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! X

Delightful Daily: Mid-Century Madness

Darren Brown via Desire to Inspire

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Delightful Daily: A Perfect Shade of Gray

Kate Spade at Home via Because it's Awesome

House Crush: Another Barcelona Keeper

If you've been following this blog for a while, you will know why this picture caught my attention. Any guesses? Of course besides the obvious, comes the gorgeous watermelon oblong table and, as always in Spanish homes, stunning architectural details.

I mean let's be honest here. If this was your dining room, would you even want a home office? I'd say, dual-purpose room at its best!

Not convinced? Let's turn to the view from the said office. Gorgeous artwork, rug, bi-hold doors that open up onto what looks like a perfectly acceptable terrace.

This outdoor entertaining number is not bad either. Perfect for an alfresco lunch, or an afternoon in the shade.

Last but not least, the bedroom. Spacious and light. I'd probably replace the seedy bathroom artwork. I don't mind it, except I wouldn't want that image above my bed. I'd also remove the creepy little hide. Not a fan of cowhide already, but this one has the shape of the poor little animal too much and makes me sad. I'd keep the gorgeous desk, the burgundy chair and the sisal carpet, thank you very much.

all images via Nuevo Estilo

Thoughts? Anything you'd keep or ditch from the place?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Delightful Daily: Perfectly Chic Powder Room

This Evening: Moodboarding and Colour Theorizing with ISCD

Tonight, a friend and I went to a fun event hosted by the lovely ladies at the International School of Colour and Design in Sydney. In true hostess style, there was champagne and nibbles. We were spoiled with beautiful vistas of the changing colours of the sunset over the Adelaide Hills (I forgot to take pictures, sorry)!

ISCD were presenting their distance education program for their courses in Colour Design, Interior Design, Interior Styling, Surface Design and Graphic Design. I thought it would be fun to learn about the school and perhaps looking into finally finishing that interior design course I started 8 years ago now! Part of the evening was dedicated to creating a moodboard from the magazines stacked on our tables and I whipped this little guy below which I thought I'd share with you.

Ok it's just a little grubby iPhone picture so you might barely see anything... I had about 30 minutes to flick through a few mags and put this together and I was quite pleased. I managed to squeeze a few of my favorite things in there like kilim fabrics, sisal, moroccan tiles, archways, books (are you surprised?) and even Fornasetti (thank you Inside Out Magazine)!

We also had to choose a few words to integrate in the board that represented our style and I thought this one fitted the bill perfectly . It's now my new mantra: "with creative vision, the most incidental item can be the making of beauty in the home"

Thoughts? Share away! X

Friday, November 18, 2011

Worthy Links: 18.11.11

TGIF. Nothing says Friday night like a glass of rosé and sitting down to the week's worthiest links (ok I'm seriously getting old and lame). Anyway, shall we?

1. Have you hear of Birchbox (Australians see Glossybox)? For a mere 10-15$ a month, get beauty samples delivered to your door! Someone invent an organic version of this and I'm sold!

2. Co-Lab Magazine is a beautiful partnership between Super Rural and Chairloom. If, like me, you're a fan of reupholstered antique and second-hand chairs and benches, you have to check it out! Even Lonny is a fan.

3. Read the real vs. fake debate happening on Interior Addict. If mp3s shouldn't be copied without a license, should furniture be? What side are you on? Interior designer Darren Palmer's response is my favorite.

4. Ladies and gents, if you have time for one link only, this is it! 101 Things I Hate About Your Home by James Swan had me standing on my tippy toes, giggling like a little girl, and getting M wondering what I had smoked. And this was just the Amazon preview. I can't wait to get my hands on this book (first thing tomorrow morning) and read it on the painfully long plane ride that is Adelaide to Montreal.

5. If you haven't already, visit my Dream Home on La Dolce Vita (shameless plug, I know, but this was totally the highlight of my week)! I'm sure James Swan would approve. All your comments, compliments and emails had me blushing so thank you to everyone.

6. Last but not least, you have not seen planet earth's most gorgeous family until you've seen Christina Brian's family, and their attempt at a Christmas card family photo (Brangelina's got nothin' on you)!

So, in the name of Australia's rosé revolution, I'm off.

Have a great weekend everyone! X

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Post: My Dream Home on La Dolce Vita!

I am over the moon to be sharing my Dream Home on La Dolce Vita today! Paloma's blog has been a long time favorite of mine and a constant source of inspiration. I'm sure she needs no introduction, but I'll give her a quick one anyway.

Paloma is truly a blogger-extraordinaire. In addition to her beautiful posts, her blog now features an impressive line up of regular guest bloggers that includes a favorite of mine: Erika of Shop Talk  (you may have seen me there last week). Paloma is also the founder of the late much loved and missed High Gloss Mag. If you haven't visited her blog yet, you may have been living under a rock but that's OK. Lift the rock now and go have a look! You won't be disappointed I promise.

Back to the dream home. My oh my, I wish I could pack my bags and move straight away. Come visit me on La Dolce Vita for the whole thing!

PS - Paloma is leaving on a trip to Spain with her husband on Friday to celebrate her 30th birthday. While you're visiting, wish her Bon Voyage! X

Delightful Daily: Let the Outside in

House Crush: The Perfect Manhattan Home

I've been a fan of interior design firm Rees Roberts + Partners for a while. Ever since this house in Croatia in fact. But this Manhattan brownstone designed by the firm is something special.

The entire house is filled with light and beauty. It's part classic, part contemporary. A perfectly blended mix.

The foyer and balustrade are absolute perfection. Every piece of art and furniture makes me weak at the knees.

The back of the house is covered in windows of my dreams. With all this lush greenery outside, you can hardly tell that this is in fact New York.

Who wouldn't agree to have their home office space here? It can hardly get any better than this don't you think?

The kitchen is equally delightful. I wouldn't mind spending all my mornings at that cozy little breakfast table.

The bedroom is simple but stylish. I love the bedside table, the sconce, the bench... It's a little clean lined for my taste, but maybe a slightly more classic headboard would be the perfect addition. Or not. I like it as it is too!

I want to see the rest of the house. Where does this second story balcony lead?  What is the bathroom like?

What do you think? Would you change a thing? I wouldn't...
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