Monday, April 23, 2012

The Great, The Good and The Ugly: TradHome 2012

Can we start by acknowledging that TradHome isn't quite what it was when Lonny was in the picture? I hated their new magazine reader. The front sections were so-so at best.

That being said, we still need to acknowledge that there was some serious eye candy in the New Trad Designers of 2012 section. Shall we?

The Great
Palmer Weiss
I've been a fan of Palmer Weiss for a while (see proof here) but this home knocked my socks off. Red lacquered ceiling, yes please! Soft and relaxing master outfitted with soft blue grasscloth wallpaper and monogrammed Leontine Linens? Don't mind if I do.

Nick Olsen
My favorite of the lot. I must have awwed at these two photos for at least an hour! The colors, the textures, the shapes everything is extremely well put together. New-trad at it's best! Favorite elements? The soft-red chairs against that stunning travertine fireplace; and the rug and hand-painted screen combo in the bedroom.

Christina Murphy
Christina Murphy is one of those designers who just "get it". Just enough colors, perfect proportions, varied but not hodge-podge. I mean the entry below is a masterpiece, obviously, but even the simplicity of the dining area just seems so right. I also have developed a huge crush on the sconce and the two small frames that sit below it.

The Good
Allison Hennessy
This house was definitely all kinds of pretty and Hennessy obviously knows her craft. That being said, parts of me wanted to go in there and throw in a few unexpected items! However, if you love symmetry and color themes, she's your girl!

Tamara Kaye-Honey
I normally am a huge fan of Tamara, and I adore her shop House of Honey, but part of this house felt somewhat "bitsy" at times. Like it needed one big ribbon to come in and tied it all in together! However this bedroom was lovely.

Gideon Mendelson
Some of the rooms felt a bit "safe" for my taste, but Mendelson creates what I call well-edited interiors. Simple color palettes, interesting lines, quality finishes.

The Ugly
Tammy Connor
Ok so technically there was nothing truly ugly in this year's designer portfolio, but I found Tammy Connor's designs a bit underwhelming. This outdoor area especially: although it looks very functional and probably equally comfortable - I would happily sit there and sip cocktails for hours - it doesn't feel very "new-trad" to me. Nothing groundbreaking here. A beautiful house but that belongs in the Traditional Home print magazine.

What did you guys think of this year's edition? I want to hear it all!

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  1. Christina Murphy and Palmer Weiss rock it hard.  They are my top of the top.


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