Friday, September 21, 2012

Worthy Links: 21.09.12

So here we are, first day of Fall tomorrow. My first proper Fall season since 2008. Yep, pretty excited. I fully intend to go pick apples, go see the fallen leaves, drink many chai lattes, take a walk in the forest, hit the museums, get back into red wine and cozy restaurants... What do you like to do when Autumn comes?

Now onto the links:

In the "uhm what?" category: living in a 35,000sq. ft. former bank building in the Bowery. Thanks Nicole!

Yesssss. I've been waiting for this moment! Only two months to go... Thanks Paloma!

Sarah wrote a pretty fantastic new about section. Never give up people!

Katie shared the mother of all photoshoots. Feast your eyes.

Guilty as charged. Jenny speaks out about blogs.

Happy First Fall Weekend!


  1. Great round up, we clearly have the same reading taste. And Bravo tv habits and fall faves as well, I cant' get enough pumpkin soup this time of year.

  2. Thanks Sue! And totally, TV habits for me too and pumpkin anything is now on the list :)


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