Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Delightful Daily: Reading Nook for Small Spaces

Magdalena Aguilar's Apartment via Nuevo Estilo

House Crush: Jackie Astier's Rock-n-Roll Infused Apartment

You may have already seen this house in part or in full. I know I had. Naturally, when I landed in LA, the first thing I did (after clearing customs and all) was to run to the nearest mag shop for the latest American shelter mags. Jackie Astier's apartment caught my eye beyond any other.

As a stylist for bands such as Pearl Jam and the Spice Girls, Astier definitely has the eye. Even more surprising is that she scoured most of her furniture on eBay.

The living room is by far my favorite room of the house. From the mix of creams, plums, rusts and brass in the furniture to the different textures, this room really is complete. The ceiling was sprayed with automotive paint to give it that lacquered effect. A lacquered ceiling really is my new favorite thing.

The artwork is tasteful and subdued and the rooms seem to blend into one another. In this case the dark wooden bookcase and the brass sputnik chandelier in the hall reminisce of what's in the adjacent room.

Talk about texture! Grasscloth wallpaper is one of my favorite things. Mix it with a subtle ikat pattern, lots of brass and antiqued mirror accents, fur and velvet and you've got yourself a room with a distinctively rock-n-roll glam flavor. The cocktail tables are from Karl Springer.

This is the only situation in which you will hear me say that this overused "winter trees" wallpaper looks good. I'm usually not a fan. In this case, it works, and blends in rather than standing out.

First, let me say that the dusty pink grasscloth mixed with the sheer mustard blinds are truly a brilliant mix. The glamorous purple velvet headboard and the great pendant lamp complement the space perfectly and the Amir Khamneipur cocktail table and rug finish off the whole look.

Needless to say this entire apartment was thought through in the littlest details. While not everyone would be able to live in such a dramatic space, there is much to learn about textures and colors in these images.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Delightful Daily: A Dose of Laid Back

Pietsie House Tour via Apartment Therapy

Spotlight On: The Jam Factory

Hello from Montreal my dear readers! I had a great couple of days in Melbourne. Then, after flights being cancelled, rerouted, and delayed, I finally arrived safe and sound in Montreal at 2:30am last night (take note: Air Canada is really an airline to avoid).

Ironically, my first post on North American soil features a quintessentially South Australian organization. The Jam Factory supports and promotes local artists, craftsmen and designers. My dearest girlfriends in Adelaide gave me a gift card for The Jam Factory before I left and I have yet to spend it, so I was hoping you would all help me choose a piece from their online store!

I love all the neon shades in the glassware. Madeline Prowd is a favorite. All her glassware comes in the tumbler's gorgeous amethyst color. I think one of her pieces might be a winner. Thoughts?

1. Madeline Prowd Fusion Vase | 2. Stephanie James Manttan Altered Form Bowl | 3. Madeline Prowd Fusion Tumbler | 4. Madeline Prowd Fusion Carafe  | 5. Marc Harrison Husque Bauple Bowls | 6. Insync Warratah Brooch | 7. Jaan Pooldas Feel Good Bowl

Friday, February 24, 2012

See You on The Other Side!

I'm off (again)! I'm spending the weekend in Melbourne with my dear friend Alex, and then flying off to Montreal on Sunday.

Thank you all for your patience this week. Each and every word of encouragement was a blessing. I will be back in the full swing of things next week I promise.

Until then, have a happy weekend every one! X

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Guest Posting: Find Out What's In my Makeup Bag

We're taking a little break from interiors today to focus on what you would find, should you decide to go through my makeup bag. I was over the moon when Gaby  of The Vault Files asked me to be part of her In My Makeup Bag series. While I am no beauty expert, I've definitely made a few great discoveries lately (especially a certain magic foundation) - and this is the perfect place to be sharing it with you all! I promise it's worth a look!

You may remember Gaby from her envious Christmas wish list. If you need a little recap, Gaby and I not only have our name in common. We're both Canadians, living in Oceania (not for long now though!), we are both runners (though I suspect she is probably faster and fitter), we have a tendency for making lots of lists, and both our families have places in Florida. Freakish? Yes. Kind of awesome? Most certainly.

Please visit me over on The Vault Files for all the makeup bag details!

Delightful Daily: Perfectly Appointed Hall Table

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Worthy Links: 19.02.12

As I'm getting into my last week in Australia, I really want to make time to take it all in. To be honest, the past few days have been really difficult. I feel like time is slipping away from me. I am dreading the thought of being at the airport. This is not to say that I have doubts or regrets. But leaving is proving to be much harder than anticipated. I will be back in the full swing of things soon, but don't be surprised if things are a little quiet for a while. I want to take a much time as possible to go to the beach, soak up the sun, spend time with M, and with my friends. I will be back soon, promise. In the meantime, here are a few worthy links to keep you busy.

1. Remember that gorgeous blue sofa? Sofia Coppola's place is on the market! Anyone has a spare 2.75m?

2. It's official. Manolo Blanhik will be collaborating with J.Crew on a Fall 2012 shoe collection. Can anyone spell excited?

3. I'm a big admirer of One Kings Lane and its founders. Which is why I was happy as a clam to see Alison Pincus interviewed on Coco+Kelley.

4. This post was so fitting to my current situation. Megan talks about what makes us call a place a home.

5. Because this is the week of love, Julie writes a few wise words on relationships.

6. The Blog Brunch session on sponsorship and monetizing your blog has come and gone. If you've missed it, read the recap.

7. And if you only have time for one link, this is it. These inspirational words by Becka would even get a crab cake motivated!

Oh and Happy President's Day to all my American peeps! X

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Delightful Daily: The New Glass Cabinet

Princess Margaret Showhome via House & Home

Trending: February

It's time for the February installment of Trending. What has caught your eye recently? I tell you mine, you tell me yours. I'll be sure to link back to you in the March installment. Here are my picks this month.

1. Geometric and patterned floors: Many people seem to be getting bold with their floors these days. Whether it's tiles, paint or wood inlay, making a statement with your floor (or ceiling) seems to be the next big thing. The floors above are by Canadian design mogul Tommy Smythe.

2. Horsehead accents (suggested by Sharon of House 58): Horse heads as lamp bases, bookends, sculptures... Are we still in an equestrian phase? I would suggest that heads in general, especially mounted on lacquered block bases or iron mounts are on the rise.

3. Wrought Iron furniture: Ironworks furniture today is more streamlined but always makes a great impact! We're also seeing a lot more of wrought iron window frames which is a personal favorite.

4. Jewel tones: Ok this one's no secret to anyone. It's been everywhere in fashion but we're seeing a lot more of those jewel tones in interiors too. I know some designers will be happy (I'm talking to you Miles).

5. South East Asian inspired textile (suggested by Sarah of Pink Rickshaw): South East Asian inspired textiles such as the ones found at John Robshaw or more recently West Elm are popping up everywhere. Lucky for us, they layer very well in a room.

6. Colorful piping: I've been seeing a lot of colorful piping popping up around the place. And since neon is hot right now, why not try neon piping?

Take your picks. What do you think are the next big trends in the world of design?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Delightful Daily: Styling like Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's Original Workshop via Style Bubble

House Crush: Muriel Brandolini's Townhouse

When I saw that Muriel Brandolini's New York townhouse was featured on NYSD, I flipped. I love Brandolini's designs and while I had seen snippets of her house before, I hadn't seen the whole thing. I particularly love her art collection, and how every wall in her house is covered in beautiful textured fabrics or wallpapers.

The walls here are covered in a silver shimmery fabric. You can really tell that every single item has been carefull selected, from the pendant lamp to the art, to the rug. It doesn't necessarily match, but it certainly works!

That console is gorgeous and so is the lamp sitting on it. I love how those thick books are simply stacked on the floor.

What a gorgeous gallery wall! The walls here are covered in gold silk taffeta. It certainly gives the room texture!

 There is a lot going on in this hallway, but I love the crazy mix of color and patterns. The red sconce is gorgeous!

The master bedroom is definitely a favorite. The walls are camel-colored straw.  You will have guessed I'm loving the gallery walls.

The bed frame is a bit crazy for my personal taste, but it's definitely a gorgeous piece! 

 I love how cozy and relaxing this bathroom looks. With a hint of old-world, it seems perfect for a candlelit bath... On the right is a gorgeous vignette of her daughter Flippa's room.

This guest bedroom is also a media room. Notice all the DVDs? I love the patterned ceilings. Ceilings tend to be widely overlooked in many designs. Imagine how fun it would be to be a guest in this house?

Of course no townhouse would be complete with a delightful and leafy little garden. Brandolini's lined hers with bamboo shoots.

And here is the woman behind the house. She's a fascinating woman. Born to a French-Venezuelan mother and a Vietnamese father, Brandolini has lived in Vietnam, Martinique, Paris and New York. Read the full interview here.

What are your thoughts on the house? Love or hate? What are your favorite parts?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Worthy Links: 10.02.12

For starters, I want to thank you for all the support on my Big News this week. I must admit it was a little scary to hit publish on this post. But every comment, tweet, email of encouragement and support gave me the reassurance that I was on the right track. This week has been a little crazy. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that yesterday was my last day as an employee. I'm looking forward to start focusing on taking my professional life to the next level.

I feel now more than ever that the blogging community is filled with people who want to achieve their dreams, and craft their way to a happy, passionate and successful life. More importantly, the blogging community is one that fosters support rather than competition. With that, here are a few links to support, help and inspire.

1. Again, Victoria blows my mind in more ways that one. First, she launches Vivaleur, a lifestyle services company helping you perfect the details of a life well lived.

2. And then, she discovers a LIFE CHANGING (mark my words) bookmarklet for finding image sources easily. No more missing sources!

3. Read Becka's coffee cup chat on Ambition. If you're anything like me, you will relate to this.

4. Lonny announced they are going monthly AND Domino is making a comeback. This is what I call a good week in the world of shelter mags!

6. If you're currently working on or considering a website or blog makeover, read these awesome website design tips by Ez of Creature Comforts.

7. Watch this talk by Shawn Achor on the Happy Secret to Better Work. It's 12 minutes long but it's extremely worth watching and can completely change your views on success and happiness. Thanks to Jess of MML for sharing.

8. I wouldn't mind getting whisked away to the little pink house by a volcano... Ok so the volcano bit is not so reassuring, but the house (which is anything but little) designed by interior design pioneer Robert Couturier is quite the looker!

9. Looking for more ways to improve your blog? Read these great blogging tips by Mackenzie of Design Darling who attended the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference. I promise her tips apply to ANY blogger, not just the fashion ones.

10. I loved Julie's bookcase styling tips! By applying even just a few of these tips, your bookshelf is guaranteed to look sensational!

Happy weekend everyone! X
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