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The 15 best desks to help you get back into work mode


In just a week, we’ll be kicking our butts into high gear and getting back in to the swing of post-labor-day things. No more playing hooky on Friday afternoons, no more long lunches, no more extended weekends—back-to-school also means back-to-work and bye bye summer vacays.

How to cope with the fact that those beloved summer days are over? Well for starters, it’s been proven that working from home once in a while can be not only healthy, but also more effective. So negotiate a few flexible work hours with your boss, and revamp your at-home workspace with one of the best desks on the market. Here’s 15 options in all sizes and for all budgets to help you get started.


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The Weekender: 08.28.15

The Weekender: Last Days of Summer on @SavvyHome

Happy Friday! I’m no nutritionist, but this week’s links seem to be very food oriented—healthy food that is. After years of feeling guilty of not eating a proper breakfast every morning, I finally nailed my morning routine.

Each morning I get out of the house for a latte. I can’t function without it. Besides, it forces me to get dressed and out of the house when I’m working from home. But a latte does not a breakfast make.

I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but here’s the thing: I’m never hungry before noon! Over the years I forced myself to chow down cereal, yoghurt, eggs, avocado toast… I tried everything! And hated every second of it.

Recently, I started making a cup of warm water with lemon first thing when I wake up. It’s supposedly great for the metabolism and it also forces me to sit down and take a moment to read the news before starting the day.

Then, the other day at my local gourmet grocer, I spotted a homemade green juice that wasn’t exorbitantly priced. I had always disliked the gooey green concoctions, but I was curious to give this one a try. Unlike other green juices, this one had a splash of orange juice and pineapple in it, so I figured it wouldn’t taste like I was chewing on spinach. You guys, it was so delicious. I barely tasted the greens (even though it’s loaded with spinach, celery, kale and all those good things). I now have one after my coffee every morning.

Ok, so I’m still on a liquid morning diet, but between warm water with lemon, a latte and a tall glass of green juice, I think I’m finally inching closer to a balanced breakfast. Thoughts? What’s your breakfast routine?



Enjoy 15% off at Loeffler Randall during their End of Summer sale! Use the code DOGDAYS. I’m eyeing these lace-up flats for Fall.

Not exactly a sale, but Serena & Lily’s Fall Collection is the I’m loving their Beaumont bedding, this Alpaca throw, the Carson bed (!!!), the Calvin bed, this denim and suede rug, this rattan mirror and their entire collection of resin entertaining essentials. They also launched new French pleats linen window panels and a line of grasscloth wallpapers! What?!



7 fermented foods you should be eating. I’m all about kicking my nutrition up a notch these days. —Well+Good

Also, 7 foods you should use on your face. Time to hit the grocery store! —The Chriselle Factor

What your breakfast says about you (I’m a New Yorker/Green Juicer). —The Man Repeller

Dude annoys girlfriend with endless Ikea label puns (and it’s hilarious). —Mashable

The theory behind the phrase “feel the fear and do it anyway“. —MyDomaine

For the women with balls who do give a f*ck (explicit content). —Elephant

Tiki Tabu sounds right up my tropical-lovers-heart alley. —Garance Doré

In the design trenches with @MrOrlandoSoria. —Lonny

America’s 10 best new restaurants. —Bon Appetit


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Life Lately: A Summer Recap

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHomeSummer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHomeSummer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHomeSummer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHomeSummer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHomeSummer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Summer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHomeSummer so far • A Summer Recap on @SavvyHome

Oh hey! Is everyone enjoying the last days of summer to the fullest? Great! I’ve been wanting to do a summer recap for a while now, and Garance inspired me with hers. So here we go. It’s not over yet folks!

I’d love to hear your summer recap! Answer some (or all) of the questions in the comments below.


Resolution of the summer  To drink a cup of warm water with lemon AND a tall glass of green juice every morning (since I’m never hungry for breakfast). So far, so good.

Song of the summer  I’m still not 100% sure on that one, but I’m really digging the songs on my Soundcloud these days, especially this Bob Marley remake.

Meal of the summer  A tie between ZZ’s Clam Bar in NYC and Lavanderia in Montreal.

Cocktail of the summer  A Shark Attack at Mother of Pearl. Order it and you’ll see what I mean.

TV Show of the summer  I don’t watch a lot of TV (especially not when it’s nice out!) But Wet Hot American Summer is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Shortcomings of the summer  I kind of forgot to workout on the reg. Oops! At least I improved my tennis and golf games.

Shop of the summer  MONC XIII. Love. That. Place.

Party of the summer  It involved the Hamptons house of former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo, a performance by JaRule and an unfortunate bush fire. It was on 4th of July.

Iced latte of the summer  Hands down Toby’s Estate Coffee in the West Village. I crave it every day.

Pinch me moment  Seeing my face in print magazine in the September issue of House & Home. Pick up your copy now, my apartment is featured. Eeeek!

Bucket list moment  Attending the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic with a few gal pals. Been wanting to do that for a few years and it did not disappoint!

Purchase of the summer  The never-been-worn Burberry tunic I got at my aunt’s consignment store for a steal(sshhh)!

Book of the summer  Not that I read a lot (add that to shortcomings) but China Rich Girlfriend was the perfect beach read.

Hotel of the summer  Crow’s Nest in Montauk where I stayed last weekend with Lauren and Sam. Sean MacPherson, you outdid yourself again!

Local haunt of the summer  Montreal’s No Name Bar. The classic cocktails, the 50s music, the banana leaf trees, the tuxedo’ed waiters, the slow moving fans… it’s just so Casablanca.

Ugh moment of the summer  It’s a tie would be a tie between getting blisters til I bleed on my way to a meeting, or not being to find a cab in the pouring rain and walking 30 blocks in what I’m pretty sure were garbage water puddles. Yuck.

Photo-op of the summer  This one.

Recipe of the summer  Watermelon salad. I ordered it, made it endlessly in all it’s varieties. Yum.

Destination of the summer  With 7 times and counting since May, this one goes out to NYC.

This is summer moment A crab boil with chef Chris Rendell of Surf Lodge and the Google Play Music team. We learned to make tuna tartare from the best!

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Headboard or No Headboard?

Amber Interiors • Headboards Alternatives on @SavvyHome

When it comes to bedroom walls, I generally adopt the maximalist mentality (think four-poster bed frame plus large art). No decor pet-peeve grinds my gears quite as hard as a big white empty bedroom wall. But if you’re decorating your first home and working with a basic bed frame, or you’re putting finishing touches on a guest bedroom with no headboard, there are thankfully a ton of alternatives to spice up a large white wall.

I recently wrote a piece on headboard alternatives for Martha Stewart with the help of the talented Amber Lewis. From hanging textiles to mirror clusters, read on for some clever budget-friendly tricks. Or if you’re more of a traditionalist, shop a few of my favorite headboards below!



Photography Amber Interiors.

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