Q&A with: Chip Brian of Design Development


Chip Brian, founder of the firm Design Development, is behind some of my favorite interiors, including the room above (among other great spaces) in partnership with my one of my favorite designers, Alexander Doherty.  Located in an art deco building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side called the El Dorado, the apartment above was gutted and brought Read More

Q&A: S. Russell Groves


Maritimes born architect S. Russell Groves gave life to some of my favorite interiors, from this magnificent North Carolina residence above, to some of the best flagship designer stores from the likes of Tiffany’s and Armani. His passion for elegant green design is commendable and his eye for understated sophisticated modernist design is unparalleled.  Very few Read More

Q&A: with Barbara Sallick, Founder of Waterworks


I’m always inspired by successful women that have built amazing companies from the ground up. Barbara Sallick is one of those women. In 1978, Barbara, inspired by the European bath experience, created Waterworks, bringing luxury bath products to the American market. Today, Waterworks remains the industry benchmark for high-end bath products, offering unparalleled craftsmanship and Read More

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